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Welcome to CRCC Ltd - Saudi

CRCC was registered as a Foreign Investor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2009 to direct the operation of Al Mashaer Al Mugaddasah Metro Project (MMMP) and to target main projects in the country. CRCC Saudi is a branch for the main China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd in China.

CRCC, one of the world's most powerful and largest integrated construction group, ranking the 133rd among "the world’s top 500" on 2010 "Fortune", the 1st among "world's largest 225 contractors", and the 8th among "China’s top 500 enterprises", is the largest engineering contractor in China, also China's largest overseas engineering contractor.

CRCC specialties embrace project contracting, survey, design and consultation, industrial manufacturing, exploitation of real estate, capital operation and logistics. CRCC has built a complete and comprehensive construction industry chain and a perfect system of credentials in the circles including scientific research, planning, survey, design, constructing, superintending, operating and equipment manufacturing, etc.

CRCC has established itself as the leading corporation in the design and construction of plateau railway, high-speed railway, expresswtay, bridges, tunnels and urban track transportation projects. CRCC has won more than 363 national awards on project.contracting and survey, design and consultation since the 80s of last century.